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Outdoor Cooking Tips and Techniques

Three ways to add flavor to grilled meats:

  • Marinate tough cuts of meat in a citrus brine for flavor and tenderness.
  • Add a dry rub just before cooking to create a flavorful crust.
  • Glazes should be added at the end of cooking to prevent scorching.

Brines keep food tender and juicy on a hot grill. Try flavoring a brine with citrus, herbs or spices to add flavor. Just be sure to pat foods dry before grilling.

Set out drinks, snacks and other food on separate tables to avoid crowding and encourage mingling.

Keep a basket of sunscreen, bug spray and wipes at the ready. Set up a fan to keep guests cool and the bugs at bay.

New! Rectangle Dish with Platter Lid Citrus Grilled Pork Chops with Aleppo Pepper

Let grilled meats rest a few minutes to retain their juices. Then slice and place on a platter for easy backyard serving.

Square Skillet Grill Grilled Shrimp with Charred Carrot Cocktail Sauce

All Le Creuset cast iron is safe for use on the grill. Use a grill pan for vegetables, fish and shrimp, to keep food from falling through the grates.

Signature Oval Baker Grilled Caesar Salad

Almost anything can be grilled! Add smoky flavor to Caesar salad by grilling the romaine lettuce and croutons.