Dinner by the Sea

The people of Marseille need no excuse to celebrate. Good food and good wine is reason enough.

As late afternoon turns gold — sending the water shimmering — and eases into evening, friends gather in the kitchen, sharing bottles of wine as they cook and laugh together. Eventually, our host calls everyone to find a place around the table for a casual feast that embodies the vibrant, effortless, seaside spirit of Marseille. In other parts of the world, a gathering this festive would be considered a dinner party, but here in France, it's just dinner. Dinner the way it should be enjoyed: with plenty of wine, good company and, if you're lucky, a view of the water.

"Marseille is not a cliché or just a place on a map. This is the real face of Marseille, right here."

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After a dinner of bouillabaisse, Moroccan lamb and mussels, the host and her friends end the evening with wine as the sun sets.

Dinner friends laughing