French Press Guide

The Le Creuset French Press

Of all brewing methods, the French press may be our favorite. It’s simple, elegant and brews fantastic coffee – no complicated equipment required.

The French press method yields multiple cups of full-bodied coffee in just four minutes. Heaven!

step one

You’ll want to brew with water that’s just below a boil, so as not to scald the coffee. So bring the water to a boil, then turn down the heat a smidge to maintain the correct temperature.

King Bean tip Use filtered water. Since water is the main ingredient in brewed coffee, chlorine and other contaminants can affect taste.
step one

You’ll need a coarse, even grind for French press coffee. Grind to a breadcrumb consistency.

King Bean tip Buy whole bean coffee and grind immediately before brewing. If ground too soon, the beans will lose many of the compounds that give coffee such wonderful aromas and flavors.
step one

The amount of coffee depends on the size of your French press. For the large Le Creuset French press, we recommend four tablespoons of ground coffee. For the small French press, just under two tablespoons should be fine.

King Bean tip Experiment with the amount of coffee to find the strength you like best.
step one

Slowly pour the simmering water into the French press. Fill it halfway and pause a few seconds to let the coffee bloom. Pour in the remaining water, stopping just below the spout. Replace the lid, with the filter and metal rod pulled up. Let steep three to four minutes.

King Bean tip When hot water meets the coffee grounds, carbon dioxide is released, causing them to grow and rise. This is known as the bloom.
step one

Slowly press down on the metal rod to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom. Leave the lid and filter in place when pouring. Serve immediately and enjoy!

King Bean tip Coffee will continue brewing in the French press, so if you have some left, pour it into a carafe to enjoy as a second cup.
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