Essentially Easter

Celebrate the flavors of spring with our oven-to-table menu.

Easter Beef Rib Roast Shallots

Signature 7 qt. Roaster

Taking a cue from our iconic French ovens, we’ve added our signature loop handles for easier lifting when wearing oven mitts. Buy Now

Easter Tips and Techniques

Starting the roast at a high heat forms a deep brown crust; finishing it at a lower temperature cooks the roast slowly for tender results.
A cast iron roasting pan stands up to the initial high-heat sear, and transitions easily to stovetop use for making the red wine sauce.
Roast beef is an amazing showpiece, and a nice change from carved turkey or ham. And it’s great for entertaining, since the roast can rest up to 45 minutes and still retain its heat.
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Easter Horseradish Risotto

NEW! Sauteuse

The wide, flat base of the cast iron sauteuse is perfect for toasting the rice and then absorbing the liquid. The curved edges allow for easier stirring and shaking to develop the starch in the rice. Buy Now

Cast iron is an excellent material for cooking risotto: It maintains a consistent temperature so you don’t have to constantly adjust the heat. The thick bottom helps prevent scorching.
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Easter Escarole Crispy Chickpeas

NEW! Buffet Casserole

The cast iron base of the buffet casserole withstands higher heats for browning meats and vegetables, like these chickpeas. The glass lid captures the steam nicely to warm and wilt the escarole. Buy Now

Escarole is a bitter lettuce that wilts gently and retains some crunch for texture, but this recipe will work with almost any leafy green. Just remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly for heartier leaves.
Easter Savory Fig Quick Bread

Heritage 1 qt. Au Gratin Dish

A stoneware gratin dish makes a lovely vessel for quick breads when you’re setting a holiday table. The loaves bake perfectly, and you can serve it right from the dish instead of slicing from a loaf pan. Buy Now