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Classic Style You May Recognize

A remarkable history you may not.

Four centuries ago, the legendary Cousances foundry began producing cast iron cookware in Northeastern France. Artisans evolved and expanded their craft over the centuries that followed.

Renowned for generations of quality and craftsmanship, Cousances was purchased by fellow cast iron expert Le Creuset in 1957 — marrying two industry leaders who shared a rich French heritage and passion for quality cookware.

Today Le Creuset pays tribute to the rich Cousances legacy with a line of limited release cookware designs that feature the timeless style both Le Creuset and Cousances share.

Design That Holds True For Centuries.

Details that tell a story.

Enameled cast iron excellence. Cousances insignia stamped on the bottom of each product. Legacy design celebrating classic style. This special cookware series celebrates the iconic forms and lines realized in both Le Creuset and Cousances cast iron.

Generations of passionate craftsmanship.

Quality that can’t be matched.

History of Cousances

True cast iron fans will recognize Cousances' subtle stylistic differences — along with the unparalleled French quality and craftsmanship it shares with Le Creuset.

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Since 1553: More than 460 YEARS OF CAST IRON