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Step onto any shore and you feel it.

The power of the ocean. The freshness and freedom. The reverence for nature and embrace of things as they are.

New Marine and Oyster dutch ovens perched on a wet beach-side rock

Coastal life is simple and pure, whether under a warm southern sun or on cold rocky shores. There’s a common elemental spirit that links coasts around the world – an irresistible pull toward beautifully distilled, simple living, a relaxed mindset that lets nature lead the way.

New Marine and Oyster dutch ovens overlooking a beach-side cliff

Regardless of geographical coordinates, culinary traditions of the coast are rugged, raw and honest. Ready access to the sea’s treasures lets the true flavors of place shine through, the great force of the ocean never far away.

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A Marine dutch oven tucked in to the arms of gnarled driftwood


The rich blue tones of Marine glimmer like deep ocean waters sparkling under a warm southern sun. Le Creuset’s latest exploration of timeless blue combines the refreshing warmth of southern coasts with the enduring appeal appeal of a classic color.

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A Marine dutch oven sitting on top of a lobster trap
Dockside with a Marine dutch oven
A Marine dutch oven full of fresh mussels
A Marine dutch oven on a stool beside a rustic sea-side shed
A Marine dutch oven among the reeds
Oyster dutch oven


Often considered the most beautiful of shellfish, the oyster inspired Le Creuset’s sophisticated new hue. This pearlescent grey-brown strikes an elegant balance between raw elemental beauty and refined sensibilities.

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Oyster dutch oven
Oyster dutch oven
Oyster dutch oven

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