When the world's in bloom, there are plenty of reasons to party.

How's a person supposed to navigate all the baby showers, bridal showers and brunches of the season? We asked renowned designer and blogger Joy Cho to share her secrets for hosting and gifting.

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Joy's Bridal Shower Tips

  1. Anything mini is automatically cuter

    Use mini cocottes to make mini cakes or mini soufflés, or even to hold non-party items like craft supplies.

  2. Not an expert baker?

    Pick up a simple frosted cake from the grocery store, and then decorate it yourself (fresh flowers, sprinkles, craft toppers) to make it look totally custom.


    You'll get more bang for your buck if you focus on really decorating one key area (like the dining table) and sprinkling smaller accents throughout.

Joy's Baby Shower Tips

  1. Focus on your menu

    The best shower food is tiny and hand-held. Nobody can resist a tiny pie or a mini waffle. Plus, it’s easier for your guests to eat and enjoy the party when they don’t have to juggle silverware.

  2. Mirror what you want your guests to feel

    A high-stress host makes guests feel on edge. Make sure you have a few minutes to relax before the shower, and then happily welcome your guests with a drink and great music in the background.

  3. Make it memorable, not awkward

    Skip the standard baby shower games in favor of a group activity, like a cute craft. Invite guests to make something to take home or craft something for the guest of honor.

Joy's General Party Tips

  1. Plan ahead

    Sure, planning ahead isn’t rocket science, but it really is the one thing that will make a party look and feel effortless. Get organized and prep well in advance to keep your day-of stress as low as possible.

  2. Focus on your strengths

    My career has taught me to put my energy where I shine best. For me, that’s décor, coming up with a theme and styling. For you, it might be cooking or baking. Take shortcuts where you can, and spend your time on the stuff you love.

  3. Go with the flow

    The speakers won’t work, the mini soufflés will fall, someone will knock the punch bowl over - party mishaps are bound to happen. Remember that you’re more aware of the issue than your guests, take a deep breath and move on with a smile.

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