Opening a Bottle, Part 1

Le Creuset Wine Technique Series with Andrea Robinson

Opening a Bottle, Part 1

Once you have selected the perfect bottle of wine, all that stands between you and a refreshing glass is the cork. Though often overlooked, what happens next is just as important as what precedes it. Andrea demonstrates how to effortlessly open a bottle so you can focus on enjoying your glass.

Andrea Robinson

About Andrea Robinson, Master Sommelier

Andrea Robinson is a world-renowned Master Sommelier who takes the seemingly daunting and complex subject of wine and food and brings it down to earth for all to understand and enjoy. Robinson, one of only 18 female Master Sommeliers in the world, couples this distinction with a strong culinary pedigree as a graduate and former Dean of the French Culinary Institute. In addition, she has been widely featured across leading national cable networks and magazines as the go-to expert for making wine, wine tasting and wine pairings a much simpler and more pleasurable affair. She and her husband John live with their children in Napa Valley.

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