Le Creuset | Stainless Steel

  • The world's most colorful stainless steel.

    Nearly a century ago, Le Creuset revolutionized cookware with the introduction of Flame—our signature orange hue. Our transformation of stainless steel cookware is just as radical, and dare we say, just as colorful.

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  • A dramatic reflection of our distinct heritage.

    Designed and crafted in Europe, our new stainless steel reflects the three-ring signature design that defines Le Creuset. The self-sealing lid locks in flavor and moisture, while new innovations like the steam relief vent help prevent boil-over.

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  • A sleek design that stays cool.

    Le Creuset's exclusive ergonomic stick handle is designed for the way you cook. Its design offers more comfort and control, and innovative properties help it stay cool to the touch.

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  • A grip that goes beyond balance.

    Modeled after the generous side handles of iconic Le Creuset cast iron, the easy-grip helper handle not only provides balance—it is sized for secure carrying, even when wearing oven mitts.

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  • The crown of artisan craftsmanship.

    Fashioned from premium grade stainless steel, the easy-grip knob is oven safe up to 500°F. Its balanced design allows the lid to double as a spoon rest or prep surface when resting on the countertop.

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  • A new way to look at convenience.

    Laser-etched interior capacity markings make measuring easy and convenient, while precision-pour rims allow for clean, mess-free pouring.

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    Tri-ply Construction
  • Extraordinary performance.
    Exclusive protection.

    Le Creuset Stainless Steel features tri-ply construction, with a rolled, sealed and polished rim that protects the internal layer of aluminum. The full aluminum core heats quickly and distributes heat evenly; the induction-ready magnetic external layer resists discoloration from high heat; and the surgical-grade stainless steel internal layer creates a safe and stable cooking surface. The cookware is both dishwasher-safe and oven-safe.

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  • Brilliant shine for a lifetime in the kitchen.

    From character to craftsmanship, Le Creuset Stainless Steel reflects the colorful joy of cooking. Our cookware's radiant, high-polish luster is especially crafted to shine in the kitchen for years to come.

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A colorful history of passion
and performance.
Inspired by Le Creuset's rich heritage of color and design, our radiant new cookware brings European craftsmanship and character—as well as our iconic three-ring detailing—to life in brilliant, high-performing stainless steel.
It's not one color. It's every color at a glance.
With its uniquely reflective luster, Le Creuset Stainless Steel captures the color of everything around it—bright vegetables, vibrant pots, happy faces—and showcases it for years to come. More than a mirror, our stainless steel reflects the passion of cooks everywhere.