Explore the Le Creuset Truckette

Road Sign
Truck Side
Thirty Hands
"30 hands" touch each unique Le Creuset cast iron piece as it is individually handled and inspected by 15 artisans
Licence Plate
The authentic license plate features the company's initials and founding date
"Enameled cast iron, stoneware and more" announces the full range of Le Creuset products available for sale
Truck Side - orange
Number 3
The number 3 symbolizes Le Creuset's three signature raised rings found on the lids of our enameled cast iron French Ovens
The small village in northern France where our original foundry has produced enameled cast iron cookware for nearly a century
Made In France By Hand
"Made in France by hand" in Aisne, a department in the Picardy Province of northern France
Made In France By Hand
The company was founded by two Belgian industrialists: a casting expert (Armand Desaegher) and an enameling specialist (Octave Aubecq)
Number 3
Le Creuset was originally founded more than 85 years ago
Truck Side - orange
Road Sign

Today, Le Creuset's fully restored 1967 Citroën Truckette is crisscrossing the map, delivering our classic products just as our original Truckette fleet did in the hills around our Fresnoy-Le-Grand foundry more than 50 years ago. Whether it's a food and wine festival in South Carolina or a store opening in California, the Truckette carries on the spirit of our authentic French heritage — and reminds us all to stop along the way and savor what's true.

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14,000 Miles and Still Trucking. . .

This well-traveled truck has been on many epic adventures, but one of our favorite journeys was to the New York Bastille Day Rally and Rendezvous. Take a truckette tour of the Big Apple from the skyscrapers of Midtown to the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District in this special video we created from the summer's most exciting event.

The Truckette has crisscrossed the country pit-stopping at some of the most exciting culinary events and retail destinations on the map. Check out our photostream featuring some of the interesting places and faces it’s encountered along the way.

Be on the lookout for details on future Truckette travels, and if you happen to have a sighting of your own, share your pics with us on instagram or twitter using #truckette.