Entertaining Blueprint with Ledbury

4th Edition
Paul Trible and Paul Watson
With September’s arrival and football season now in full force, Paul Trible and Paul Watson of Ledbury share their blueprint for a great fall tailgate. Just like their perfectly tailored shirts, the tailgate is classic, fits the occasion, and exudes that modern yet understated feel that never goes out of style.
The Food
We like to stick to the tailgate essentials like ham biscuits, pimiento cheese, and but then spice things up with something a little hearty and perhaps unexpected. Paul (W) has this great chipotle pork stew that he makes that is always a crowd pleaser. And then of course you always need something sweet…the corner bakery comes in handy for those treats.
The Drinks
Our friend Brandon Peck, a bartender at The Roosevelt in Richmond, mixes a killer Bourbon Lemonade for all of our Ledbury events and this will most certainly be in tow at each of our tailgates.

For the beer, we’re big fans of the Hardywood Single a Belgian ale from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery here in Richmond.
Click here for Ledbury's Favorite Bourbon Lemonade
The Setting
As a little warm up for my (Paul Trible’s) 10-year reunion, this tailgate would have to take place at Washington and Lee this October. W&L might not be known for big time football, but the school certainly has a reputation for big-time tailgating. There’s not much better than a late morning tailgate in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains Blazers and ties required and, of course, a good-looking shirt...
From laid-back wilco to classics from the boss, good tunes are a must at any tailgate. This playlist covers a lot of ground and gets everyone started off on the right note.
Rules of Entertaining
  • Music is a must. The right playlist can make a tailgate.
  • Be seated by kickoff. Even the best tailgates should not make you forget why you’re there.
  • Dress better than you have to.
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