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Since Le Creuset first entered the world of cookware with enameled cast iron, bold color and boundless innovation have been our signatures. And from the first-ever silicone kitchen tools to modern and radiant stainless steel, Le Creuset remains a leader in cookware design and manufacturing – all the while maintaining an attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship that are simply unrivaled.

Oval French Oven in Soleil

Enameled Cast Iron

Le Creuset enameled cast iron is ideal for locking in flavor and keeping foods moist and tender. Our range includes a variety of shapes and sizes, including cast iron skillets, French ovens, braisers and more.

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Stainless Steel

Le Creuset's tri-ply stainless steel features a full aluminum core bonded between two outer layers of professional-grade stainless steel, resulting in superior heat conduction and distribution. Tri-ply construction offers better control at every stage of preparation, as well as flexibility for a variety of cooking techniques like searing, sauteing and pan-frying.

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Stainless Steel Fry Pan Rosemary Basil

Nonstick Cookware

From perfectly prepared omelettes to carefully seared meats and fish, our forged hard-anodized nonstick cookware delivers nonstick performance with a seamless reinforced coating that will never chip or flake. The hot-forging process prevents warping and creates consistent heat distribution, making this material suitable for a wide range of recipes and ingredients.

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Enamel on Steel

Le Creuset enamel on steel cookware combines the capability of stainless steel with the style and character of Le Creuset's color palette. With a full range of stockpots and an array of teakettle designs, Le Creuset enamel on steel delivers all the high-heat performance of stainless steel without sacrificing the personality of your favorite colors.

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Enamel on Steel
2 3/4 qt. Square Casserole


Protected by a hard-wearing glaze that resists damage from heat and utensils, Le Creuset stoneware is perfectly suited to baking pies, quiches, casseroles and more. The secret to its performance is the even-heating properties, which prevent hot-spots and cook foods in a uniform fashion. The result is a golden brown crust with fully cooked ingredients throughout.

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Tea Kettle Set Muffin


Made from heavy canvas, Teflon® and terry cloth, Le Creuset textiles provide superior protection from stains and burns. A quilted cotton lining and a nylon barrier provide extra insulation, and a sewn-in magnet makes storage easy.

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Kitchen Towel and Saucepan
Utensil Crock with Silicone Set


The myriad benefits of Le Creuset silicone utensils become clear when using them to prepare your favorite recipes. For stirring and mixing, durable spatulas and spoons incorporate ingredients with ease, while convenient designs like spreaders, jar scrapers and basting brushes make excellent prepping and serving tools. And when blending ingredients in a hot pan, the heat-resistant properties of silicone make this flexible yet durable material an ideal solution.

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Silicone Prep Bowls
Wood Utensils Mezzaluna Set

Wood Tools and Accessories

Beech is a durable hardwood commonly used for spoons, cutting boards and kitchen countertops. Its nonporous grain and natural antibacterial properties reduce the risk of contamination. Beech is strong enough to resist cuts and gouges, but retains enough flexibility to be gentle on knives.

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